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Piha waves. Full sized painted surfblank. $1600. Available from For Art Sake Gallery in Ohope.Waikeremoana Memories. Oil and acrylic on stretched canvas. 12"x16". $400Surfboard art commissions. Available from $1600. Direct message for more info.Autumn Rinse. Acrylic on stretched canvas. 1m square. $1100Wainui Skate deck. Similar commissions available from $300.Aotearoa Summer. 24" x 36" Mixed media on stretched canvas. $800Tears of the land - (Young Nicks Head) 20" x 30" Acrylic on stretched canvas. $700"Red Triptych" $210.Gisborne isolation 2020.  12"16".Okitu view $300. Acrylic on ply board.Manawatu feilds. Acrylic on stretched canvas $200. 12"x12"If in doubt, Paddle out. Acrylic on stretched canvas $250.Gold Series triptych. 6"x8",6"x6"(x2) Sale stock $100.